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I am so honoured to be involved in the Future of Music Summit 2022 with Sophie Shnapp from EarthPercent , Silvia Montello (she/her) from Audio Network & REMARQABL LIMITED, plus D-Vox / Daniela Rhodes DJ, vocalist and member of The Black Chapel Collective and James Dove , founder of ClimateEQ.

A summit describes any gathering of people who care deeply about the same topic and all of us care deeply about the planet and how we can make a real difference in the music industry.

Huge thanks to 💫Bee Adamic and all Liberty Music PR for hosting this event which starts at 3pm and covers The NFT World, Quality Control(Labels and Producing), Women In Music, Mental Health, Liberating colour and Culture in Music, Climate change and Music.

Tickets are available here DM me for a 50% discount code

£11.37 – £31.86

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Connect looks to address and engage in the Climate Crisis by using the arts as a way of both telling our 13.8 billion years global, planetary and Universe story and celebrating that with all its magnificent, beauty and diversity but also challenging us to reflect upon and challenge our human interference and the inevitable consequences of that.

As we know the arts have proven time and again to be a bridge that can win hearts and minds in a different way to politics and business, thus culture change can really occur in a real and measurable way.

Using a hybrid of contemporary music, visuals, computer graphics, speech samples, poetry and dance “Connect” addresses the environmental crisis in a modern language that a younger culture both engages with daily and understands intimately as part of their cultural DNA.